Best CBD Treats For Cat 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. HempBone Bacon 2. Physicians 3.  Spero CBD
HempBone Bacon Apple Best CBD Treat For Cat Physicians Grade CBD Chewable Spero CBD Pet Treats
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If your cat is behaving in a crazy way, she is most probably not happy with you. As a cat parent, you need to take care of the well-being of your pet cat. Therefore, instead of feeding her with the normal cat treats available in the market, CBD treats for cats contain CBD oil which are proven to give soothing effects and health benefits to these feline creatures. So, they are perfect rewards that will keep your cat happy and healthy.

The regular cat treats you get in the market may not be healthy, as they may contain several ingredients that are not good for your cat’s health. On the other hand, best CBD treat for cat are made up of organic ingredients that also help in treating anxiety, pain, and depression in cats.

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It is better to opt for those that are inclusive of organic products. There are numerous ways to feed CBD to your pets, but feeding them in the form of treats will be more enjoyable and acceptable for them. Here, we are going to have a look at some of the best cat treats containing CBD, along with a few factors you must consider before buying them.

Top 4 Best CBD Treats For Cat 2021

1. HempBone Bacon Apple Donuts CBD-Infused

HempBone Bacon Apple Donuts CBD-Infused Best CBD Treats For Cats

HempBone Bacon Apple Donuts are specifically formulated and baked by artisans for pets. To make them delicious for the pets, they contain natural ingredients that include apple, bacon and cinnamon. They are also free from soy, wheat and corn.

Each treat will provide four milligrams of CBD, that is proven to improve neurological health, joint health, cardiovascular functionality and endocannabinoid system of your cat.

In terms of usage, it is better to start with a small dosage. Based on the result, you may increase it slowly. In general, for small pets under 20 lbs of weight, a maximum of two chews in a day will be enough. For medium sized pets ranging between 20 – 30 lbs, maximum of three chews of CBD treats will do good. For cats above 30 lbs, four chews will benefit.


  • Manufactured using natural ingredients only
  • Suitable for all sized pets, including cats


  • For some, it may not work in all health conditions

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2. Physicians Grade CBD Chewable

Physicians Grade CBD Chewable

These CBD treats by Physicians Grade will offer numerous benefits, such as reducing stress levels, bringing good health, and enriching the lives of pets.

As they are manufactured using the latest advancements in cannabidiol and specific techniques of extraction, it is for sure that the quality of the product is the best in the industry. They use special types of CBDs known for providing high tensile strength, topicals and anti-aging formula.

A serving of 5mg per chew will help in improving the overall health of your cat. These are specially manufactured cat treats that will aid in creating high-quality life for your pets.


  • A single treat of Physicians Grade CBD treat in a day will be enough
  • Can be used anytime in the day


  • Results may be a little slow
  • Contains a beefy liver flavor that may not be liked by all

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3. Spero CBD Pet Treats

Spero CBD Pet Treats

Spero CBD pet treats – Bacon & sweet potato are tasty as well as nutritious snacks for your cat. As they are manufactured using a mixture of high-quality bacon, sweet potato, fresh eggs and oat flour that is free from gluten, they are highly delicious delights for pets.

The distinct taste of bacon and sweet potato will let your pet enjoy this exclusive mouth-watering treat. These are exclusively manufactured treats that contain organic hemp extracts with high potency. They also contain high nutrients that will help in the overall growth and well-being of your lovely kitty.

This particular CBD is suitable for pets belonging to all age groups. As it comprises essential fatty acids along with GLA and Omega-3, this CBD will help in maintaining a healthy heart, eyes, joints and skin for your cat.


  • Help in lowering the risk of developing cancer
  • Strengthens immune system


  • Taste may not be liked by all pets
  • For cats above 30 lbs, a high dosage may be needed

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4. Hemp For Pets Soft Baked Cat Chews

Hemp for Pets Soft Baked Cat Chews

Hemp for pets soft-baked cat chews is a perfect snack option for kitties. They are naturally flavored and inclusive of roasted seafood that let your pet enjoy the meal at its best. These treats are inclusive of superior quality CBD oil that supports the endocannabinoid system of the pet.

The treat is responsible for regulating normal functionalities of the body along with promoting overall wellness. Some important ingredients include are molasses of cane, wheat and potato flour, rice bran, vegetable and calcium carbonate.

These CBD treats serve as perfect snacks that let your cat enjoy and gain benefits. Along with recovering bodily functions, they help in tickling their taste buds too.


  • Promotes overall wellness
  • Naturally flavored for delicious taste


  • Not good for overactive pets
  • Hardly effective in dogs

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These are some highly popular CBD treats for cats that are not only delicious, but also help your cat to stay active and recover quickly.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best CBD Treat For Cat

People following natural health solution will want to give the best quality CBD treats to their pets as well. The moment you start with your search, there will be a plethora of options available. But to make the right choice, there are certain points to keep in mind, including the following:

1. Certification

It is good to avoid buying any CBD treats that are devoid of any certificate. The certificate ensures that the product is duly tested in the laboratory and is safe in terms of usage. Legitimate brands will hardly have anything to hide. An approved certification will reflect an appropriate amount of CBD and zero levels of THC.

2. Nano-Sized Microemulsion

The quality of one pack of CBD treats may vary from the other. People searching for safe and secured products must go with the one that is emulsified. It will not only boost liposomal emulsion, but also make usage of nano-sized emulsion ideally. Rather than selecting the product in a hurry, it is better to look for these signs to prevent one from getting cheated.

3. THC Levels

Almost all CBD products contain a low amount of THC. Still, it is preferable to go with the one that contains zero level THC. There will be a certificate of analysis that will confirm this particular type of specification in the product. Pets reach totally in a different manner to THC than human beings. Even traces of THC may result in something unexpected. As this information will be available on the product, it is better to go with the ones that does not have THC.

4. Organic Formulation

If the product that you are about to buy is not organic, then it is better move on to the next. Organic products are free from toxins available in the soil, due to which they hardly have any side effects on the pet. Hemp is known for its exclusive ability to pull out toxins from soil, due to which going with organic products is highly crucial.

5. Quality Or Price

Some people think that buying a product at a low price tag will be an economical choice. But they fail to think that it is a red flag. Low-priced items are low in terms of quality as well. Also, there are chances that the amount of CBD will also be low, thereby having no effects on your pet, or sometimes even adverse effects. So, give preference to quality over price for the safety of your pet.

6. Avoid Hemp Oil Only Products

Some manufacturers label their products as “hemp oil” instead of using the term CBD. If you are unable to verify these products as certified and tested CBD treats for cats, then better move on to others. Hemp oil alone cannot contain a sufficient amount of CBD, due to which it is not effective until it is combined with CBD.

Taking these tips into consideration, it will become easy for you to select the right type of CBD treats for cats.

FAQs on CBD for Cats

Q1. Is CBD Safe For Cats?

If the CBD product you are buying contains less than 0.3% of THC, then it is safe for pets. Still, it is better to go with the ones having zero traces of THC.

Q2. Does CBD Help Calm Cats?

Yes, CBD is helpful in calming chronic pain, treating anxiety, agitation and inflammation in cats. It is a perfect choice, as it is devoid of any psychoactive property.

Q3. How Long Does It Take For CBD Cat Treats To Work?

It will take a time of up to thirty minutes for CBD cat treats to work. Based on the present condition of the cat, it is better to start with a low dosage and gradually increase it as per your cat’s response.

Q4. How Much CBD Do Cats Need?

A dosage of around 4mg of CBD per ten pounds of cat’s weight is the best to start with.

Use This Guide To Choose The Best CBD Cat Treats

Choosing the right type of certified CBD treats for cats with the help of this guide will help your pets to recover and calm down quickly. They will help in treating pain, depression and anxiety in cats in the best possible manner without causing any side-effect. So, consider the factors mentioned above while making the right choice and give the well-deserved care to your feline friends.

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