Calea Zacatechichi “Dream Herb” Seeds 

The Dream Herb, also called Calea Ternifolia, is a topiary that is the primary native of many regions in Mexico and Costa Rica. It is related to the sunflower family. This is because its flowers are symmetrical to that of the sunflower in terms of color, shape, etc. 

Further, the Calea Zacatechichi is often referred to as the ‘Bitter Grass’  because of its potent absinthian flavor. While there have been many clinical trials regarding the consumption of this plant, it is advised to consult an expert herbalist or your doctor before you intake the substance. 

Growth of the Calea Ternifolia

The dream herb can be grown anywhere. However, it is better to grow them through various propagates rather than using the seeds of the shrub. This is because the seeds are extremely difficult to germinate and take up a lot of time. On the other hand, using propagates enables you to grow the plant quickly. 

Further, the plant does not require any special conditions to grow. It needs to be watered at regular intervals and can be grown with a minimal amount of sunlight. Therefore, based on the above characteristics, it can be concluded that this plant can be grown both outdoors and indoors. 

Traditional Usage

This biennial dates back to thousands of years ago. In fact, it has a rich renowned history of usage by the indigenous tribe of Chontal Maya in Mexico. Originally, they had hoovered it in the form of smoke to explore the phenomenon of dream enhancement. 

The smoke of this plant was used as a catalyst for inducing dreams and helped the localities to remember and be a part of their dream. In short, they had used it to discover new aspects of the human mind and evolved a concept which we know today as lucid dreaming.

In a nutshell, lucid dreaming is the art of being aware of your dream. When you normally hear the word, dream, you would associate it with something part of the unconscious mind. 

On the contrary, lucid dreaming is a phenomenon wherein the individual is entirely aware of the dream, and their actions in it. Further, it gives them an opportunity to control it. Thus, this herb was used to delve deeper into the concept of lucid dreaming, and its impact on the mind and body. 

Modern Day Usage

In today’s dynamic world, the Calea Zacatechichi is used as a herbal remedy for treating various illnesses and diseases. Some of them include gastric problems, constipation, etc. It can be used, in the form of teas, to aid in treating diabetes, asthma, joint problems, etc. Therefore, the dosage should be prescribed by your doctor based on your health reports. 

Further, it is developed that certain components of this herb may contain anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it has many beneficial properties that need to be taken into account before consumption. 


Even though this evokes a positive treatment, it is critical to understand that there are side effects of this. Risks include drowsiness, nausea, hallucination whilst awake, and light sleeping. 

Therefore, it should be noted that the dosage of this herbal medicine should be prescribed by your doctor, as it depends on several factors such as lifestyle, body composition, etc. 

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