Blue lotus flowers organic

Blue Lotus is a species of Nymphaeaceae found in Egypt, eastern Africa, Thailand, and India. It is used mainly for its intoxicating and psychoactive properties. Also known as Nymphaea caerulea, Blue Lotus has exotic properties because of which it gained popularity across several cultures. 

The scent of Blue Lotus is soothing and peaceful. Its plant’s leaf-stem has a notch from where leaves, which are approximately 25-40cm wide, arise. The flower is in a royal blue shade, yellowish at the center, and gradually fading to blue at the tips. The diameter of the flowers is over 10cm. The flowers follow a cycle of opening and closing its leaves. Usually, at dawn, they open the leaves and close them at dusk.

Reminiscent of Egyptian Culture

In ancient Egypt, these flowers were a marker of the ‘party-spirit’. In many Egyptian ceremonies, these flowers were used to make refined wine for elite gatherings. It is said that wine made from Blue Lotus extract was sacred. The intoxicating effect of the wine led to high-spiritedness. 

Many historical pieces of evidence have proved the mentioning of Blue Lotus in important Egyptian texts such as the Book of the Dead. Even in Greek epics such as Homer’s Odysseus, there is a mention of Blue Lotus. Many wall paintings and murals have depicted it in scenes where people are dancing. 

Many myths describe the metaphor that Egyptians associated with Blue Lotus. Some say that it signified the beginning of a new day. Just as the sun rises, the petals of the lotus also spread themselves. Blue Lotus was symbolic of the Sun God.

Sun-God Nefertem was believed to have been born as Blue Lotus. He brought peace and beauty to the Earth, which is why Blue Lotus stands for both these ideals. 

Effects that Blue Lotus Creates

The two basic components of Blue Lotus are aporphine and nuciferine. Aporphine is responsible for creating an intoxicating effect on individuals. It activates dopamine production, energizes you, and makes you feel happy, high, and euphoric. 

Blue Lotus is used in aromatherapy for its sedating scent and soothing vibe. It is also used to make mild perfumes. The subtle nature of Blue Lotus has a meditative effect on the mind regulating your thoughts and feelings. It is helpful against panic attacks as well. 

It alters the sense of being by making you feel that life is a dream. The culture that Blue Lotus embodies has traversed regions and time to become one of the oldest natural elements that has a rich psychoactive effect on human beings. 


Blue Lotus stands for spirituality, peace, and beauty. It creates euphoric effects that make you forget all your problems. When you are in the effect of Blue Lotus, life suddenly pulls you out of all crises to make you believe that everything is blissful. 

Blue Rose grew along the Nile. The cultural and religious significance escalated, and it was placed on the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922 as a marker of sacredness. Fast forward to our times, and Blue Lotus has attained a new meaning and cultural value that speaks the language of intoxication. 

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