Best Vapes For Heavy Smoker 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Vaporesso Osmall 2. Riptide Ripstick 3. Vaporesso Xtra
Vaporesso Osmall Best Vapes For Heavy Smoker Riptide Ripstick Battery Kit & CBD Vape Pod G2 Bundle Vaporesso Xtra Vape Pod Starter Kit
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Are you keen on quitting smoking? We all know the deleterious effects of smoking, yet we cannot easily give up cigarettes. But with constant effort, motivation, and with the right product by your side; your job will be much easier. Quitting smoking abruptly may cause worse health consequences. Vape pods are famous nowadays, because several doctors also prescribe these pods to their patients.

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Vape pods are almost like cigarettes but with no harm to your lungs. The e-cigarettes are very popular these days. Best vape for heavy smoker can be found in stores and online shopping portals as well. The vaping devices come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and capabilities.

There are several vapes available in the market. So it is easy to get confused among all the products under this category. We have prepared a perfect list of best vape, along with factors and FAQs to answer your queries.

Top 15 Best Vapes For Heavy Smoker 2021

1. Vaporesso Osmall Vape Pod Starter Kit

Vaporesso Osmall Best Vapes For Heavy SmokerWhen you are out on work and need some compact device along with you, this starter kit is your best friend. Osmall is everything you wanted while quitting smoking. It is very much convenient with the 2ml liquid pod available with the product..This kit comes with a 350mAh battery. The battery is rechargeable. So, you can choose it while on the go. You can recharge it and then reuse it.

You can get direct firing experience, and it doesn’t affect your health. There’s buttonless control facility available with this product. It comes with a user manual. You can go through the manual and all your questions are answered here.

The product is under warranty from the makers, and you can avail of the warranty if your product faces any types of damages during the use. You are getting a 11W output power here, and the experience this product gives you is unimaginable. You can easily quit smoking after using this starter kit for a few weeks.


  • Simple and compact
  • User-friendly and the manual is easy to follow
  • Lightweight and portable
  • This is cost-effective
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Made with plastic which is not good
  • Battery life is not up to the mark

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2. Riptide Ripstick Battery Kit & CBD Vape Pod G2 Bundle

Riptide Ripstick Battery Kit & CBD Vape Pod G2 BundleIf you want to quit smoking, this product will surely play its part. The sleek design and the stylish look will make you fall in love with it. It looks just like a pen drive and can help you quit smoking in a stylish way. The lightweight nature will help women use it easily.

This is the best vape for heavy smoker, with a super strong 500mAh battery, it will last long for hours. You can use it during trips. The battery comes with it and is rechargeable. You can recharge it as per your convenience. It comes with a type C USB port. You can recharge your pod anywhere any time. It offers you the wild tobacco flavor without using tobacco in it. The pods are dischargeable. You can get a draw activation system available with this product.

It means that you need not press a button just to keep the product work. Once you start the product, a constant output will come out of it. You can use the product for hours without any abrupt pause. This is the high end feature of a smoking pod and you get this easily from the house of Riptide.


  • Closed vape systems are pretty user friendly
  • One single pod will last for 1-2 weeks
  • The make the liquid with tobacco free nicotine


  • The design is pretty compact and cannot be refilled for this
  • The color is dark; hence, the liquid level cannot be seen clearly

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3. Vaporesso Xtra Vape Pod Starter Kit

Vaporesso Xtra Vape Pod Starter KitAs the name suggests, you can get something extra from this product. Some people shy away from smoking in public or in front of their parents. This pod is perfect for them. It disappears in the hands of a person. The sleek, stylish, compact and small pod is everything you needed. If you dislike recharging your smoking pods every second hour, then this is perfect for you.

This comes with a heavy battery backup of 900mAh. You can now travel with this kit and never require the charging cable. The best vape to stop smoking comes with a 2 ml pod filled with liquid. You can refill it and this is easily disposable. It comes with coil options. If you are a fan of salts based smoking formulation, then this is the right product for you. We all run an outgoing lifestyle these days. People stay active all day long and for that you need something to match your lifestyle.

It comes with a Zinc alloy chassis that looks absolutely stunning in your hands. It comes with the Draw activation feature, which is the USP of this product.


  • It looks good, and the construction is also good
  • It offers overtime, low-voltage, short circuit protection to the user
  • On/ off button is there to save you from auto-firing.
  • Available in many colors


  • There’s too much airflow in the MTL pod
  • The taste of MTL pod could be better

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4. Vaporesso Renova Zero All-in-One Vape Pod System

Vaporesso Renova Zero All-in-One Vape Pod SystemVaporesso is the leading company making smoking stylish over ages. For years, they have been offering some amazing designs and useful products for people that want to quit smoking. They want you to quit smoking in a stylish way. The company is constantly delivering some amazing designs and wonderful products liked by both men and women.

Their latest addition to the world of vaping is the Renova Zero portable pod system. This is sleek and easy to have in your pocket when you are looking for a tobacco free future. The stylish product comes with a 650mAh battery that serves you right. The batteries are rechargeable. You get 1A micro USB port. You can recharge it easily in a short time. The device comes with LED indicating lights.

You will get to know how much liquid is left in your pod, and it will also notify you about the strength of the battery left in your device. The polycarbonate made pod comes with a 1.6 ml liquid tank. You get an On/Off button with your product. When you are not smoking, just keep your product switched off.


  • Compact and portable
  • Various wattage settings are available
  • No leak during refilling
  • Temperature control feature is excellent
  • Easy charging
  • Available in many colors


  • Vapor production is very less compared to the expectation
  • The upper limit of pressure is very less

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5. Vaporesso PodStick Starter Kit

Vaporesso PodStick Starter KitMost of the people when start smoking, do it out of style. Now, after a certain point when the reality hits, they find it absolutely impossible to quit smoking. At the same time, they need to quit smoking. This is the most stylish way of quitting smoking. If you are always looking for two options before choosing your turn, this product is just designed for you.

The output power option available with this kit makes it a perfect choice for people, who look for different smoking experiences at different points.

This starter kit comes with two pod options for different smokers. You can get a MTL feature available in your pod. MTL means Mouth to Lungs feature. People that take the smoke in their mouth and then inhale that directly to the lungs fall in this category. The second option available with the same product is the Mesh option.

The power driven option lets you exhale some smoke clouds in front of your friends. The 900mAh battery offers you a non-stop smoking option. 5 levels LED indicators are available with the product. You can now get to know about the battery status and battery life with the help of this unique feature.


  • Versatile and user-friendly
  • The design and the shape is pretty convenient
  • Adjustable power output setting
  • Battery life is good and very convenient
  • For nic salts, a ceramic pod is a nice thing
  • Available in a variety of classy finishes


  • With a thicker nozzle, ‘Push to fill’ can be tricky.
  • You cannot remove the liquid for the design

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6. Freemax Twister Metal Edition Vape Starter Kit

Freemax Twister Metal Edition Vape Starter KitIf you are on a trip and cannot recharge your gadgets, this product serves you till the end of the trip. With a long lasting and superbly designed 2300mAh battery life, this product is a bomb. The battery life of your vape pod is like your mobile phone. The metal edition from the Freemax is absolutely a delight to the eyes. This is perfect for any person out there.

It is a stylish way of quitting smoking; this is the perfect product for you. This comes with a 90% tea fiber cotton core. The mesh coils used here are TX1, TX2, TNX2, TX3 and TX4. You are going to experience an amalgamation of both vapour and clouds at the same time. The kit comes with a replacement O ring and a bubble replacement glass, which is absolutely necessary for a regular smoker like you.

The user manual is quite helpful, and you get the warranty card with your product. If you face any problems while handling the product, you can easily reach the company with your problems and they will solve it for you. You get a massive output range from 1A to 30A. This comes with a 5ml tank capacity.


  • Premium quality with user-friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • The flavor is of top quality
  • Battery life is quite good
  • 2 years warranty


  • It is a bit expensive

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7. Freemax Autopod50 Pod Mod Starter Kit

Freemax Autopod50 Pod Mod Starter KitIf you are a fan of portable products, this is something you are going to love for sure. The portable e cigarette is perfect for your quit smoking agenda. The satisfying performance of this high end product will take you to another level of ecstasy for sure. The intense flavor of this product is going to mesmerize you for sure.

For the record, this is World’s first double mesh pod. This is perfect for people that want to quit smoking and need something that can easily get hidden from the world within the palm. This comes with an in-built 2000mAh battery. Freemax is famous for offering products with high end battery life. All their products come with a high end and lon- lasting battery life. This is powered by Freemax’s very famous AX2 coil series.

The product is stylish for the Zinc alloy made outer body. The tank capacity is 4ml, and it is refillable. This comes with a silicone stopper. You can fill the tank from the bottom. This comes with an OLED display which shows you the liquid capacity and the battery life at the same time.


  • Having dual mesh coils
  • Smooth and sound free vaping
  • Adjustable airflow seen
  • It has 50 watt max output pod mod
  • It comprises excellent built-in 2000 mAh battery, and modern USB-C type charging port
  • Available in various colors


  • Bottom leaking is seen
  • Easily keeps the fingerprint on the body

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8. VooPoo Drag X Pod Mod Starter Kit

VooPoo Drag X Pod Mod Starter KitThis mini pod comes with a battery backup of a massive 18650. Can you imagine a vaping pod with a high end battery backup for a nonstop going mode? This comes with the very popular ad wonderful GENE.

TT chipset from the house of VooPoo. This product comes with a perfect drag style mode. With an output capacity of almost 80 watt, this is something everyone looks for. The very stylish pod comes with a proper amalgamation of style and elegance. They make the outer area with alloy and leather. The pod capacity is 4.5ml, which is absolutely amazing for people that want to quit smoking badly. This is compatible with RBA and with other PnP coils.

You can do the refill from the bottom part of the pod. This is very much convenient for the people that need the pod regularly. It comes with a Type C charging port, which is universal and convenient these days. The product offers a short circuit and overcharge protection. While smoking, you will be safe from many electrical hazards.


  • Good appearance and portable
  • The filling port is large
  • Easy operate and adjustable airflow
  • Mesh coil life is good
  • Maximum power output of up to 80 capable watts


  • No pass through feature
  • The mouthpiece gets hot several times.

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9. Smok RPM160 Pod Mod Starter Kit

Smok RPM160 Pod Mod Starter KitWhen you are looking for the best vape for heavy smoker, and want something that reminds you of the cigarettes; this is something you can choose. The pod looks very similar to a lighter. The lightweight and compact mode makes it a perfect choice for people that are looking for an active way of quitting smoking. The product comes with a massive 7.5ml empty pod.

You can fill it with your favorite flavor. The capacity of the pod makes sure that you will not miss your vaping session in the middle due to the absence of liquid. The 160 RPM device comes with two 160 mesh of 0.15 ohm coils for the convenience of the regular smokers. The product offers you high-quality vapour. If you are looking for a vape on the go while you are busy, this is the perfect product for you. This comes with a powerhouse of dual 18650 batteries.

Can you imagine the amount of battery backup you are going to get with this small yet powerful product? If you are on a work vacation and cannot recharge the battery for your busy schedule, this is the perfect product for you.

This product comes with the unique IQ 160 chipset. The product also offers a 0.96” TFT display screen.


  • The product comes with a spare coil, which is nice.
  • The juice capacity is huge
  • Battery life is also very good


  • Minor leaking is experienced.
  • The pod removal process is very hard

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10. VooPoo Vinci Air Vape Pod Starter Kit

VooPoo Vinci Air Vape Pod Starter KitThis tiny product comes with a huge set of features. It is a stylish vaping pod that is convenient for carrying wherever you go, this is the best product and probably the only product you have been looking for a long time. This comes with a 4ml pod capacity, good for people that are on the verge of quitting smoking. This comes with a Gene.Al chipset from the house of VooPoo.

These people are giants in this field of vaping pods. They are always in search of new technologies and always starve to offer you amazing products from their end.

This product also keeps you safe when you are smoking. This small product comes with over temperature protection, over discharge protection and overcurrent protection. So next time you are smoking from VooPoo pods, you will be in safe hands for sure. You are also going to get short circuit protection in this kit. The magnetic pod connection is the best thing on this list for sure. This product comes with a side filling option, which is also a unique thing in the world of top and bottom filling products.

The product is compatible with almost all PnP coils. The product comes with dual airflow systems and gives you option like DL and MTL for your convenience.


  • Small body with great performance
  • Versatile, portable and affordable
  • Flavor is great
  • Magnets are good in quality
  • Faster charging option available


  • Battery life is not long
  • If not used goes on standby

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11. Smok Nord AIO 19 Starter Kit

Smok Nord AIO 19 Starter KitIt is one of the best vapes for heavy smoker available in the market. It has got some excellent features that are surely going to entice you and bring out the inner vaper in you. This kit comes with immense versatility to suit all your vaping needs, no matter what method you choose.

It has a sleek and elegant design along with remarkable power. The Smok Nord setup lets you switch between mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping techniques within no time. It comprises an inbuilt 1300mAh battery that makes it one of the most powerful pod systems amongst similar other competitors in the market.

It also features a pentagon-shaped fire button that allows for convenient operation. This vaping kit has got an LED indicator that helps you to monitor the battery status. It includes a 3ml pod cartridge and a mouthpiece specially designed to comfort your lips and mouth.

The kit is compatible with two different coils: 1) A standard 1.4 ohm coil that allows you to enjoy salt nicotine e-liquid by giving you an intense flavorful throat hit. 2) A 0.6 ohm mesh coil allows you to indulge in sub-ohming. Besides a powerful battery and the ability to accommodate various vaping techniques, it has got a good capacity of 2ml.

They make it of complete stainless steel material, resistant to corrosion and guarantees a long-lasting quality. High on technological advancement, powerful battery life, and a compact & sleek design, this vaping kit is truly a gem of a kind. It also includes a USB cable and user manual inside the package for your convenience.


  • Excellent battery strength
  • Convenient switching between vaping methods
  • Comfortable mouthpiece
  • Durable Stainless steel construction
  • LED indicator for battery status detection


  • Holding capacity is a bit on the lower side

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12. Aspire Breeze All-In-One Vape Starter Kit

Aspire Breeze All-In-One Vape Starter KitIt is yet another captivating and best vape for cigarette smokers. Its superb design and advanced features make it even more impressive. With this Aspire Breeze All-in-One Vape Starter Kit, your vaping becomes easier and more stylish at the same time.

It has an ultra-compact design with an auto-draw vaping system that lets you enjoy the simplest of operation. Besides, you can get all your work done by just one-button activation. It comes with a 2ml internal vape tank that makes vaping a breeze.

The built-in battery of 650mAh ensures a long-lasting and modest life. It is a mouth-to-lung vape device that comprises a U-tech 0.6 ohm coil and utilizes it for impressive vapor production within its small size. It also has a side airflow hole that makes air production smooth and refreshing with each draw.

It has built-in safety features such as short circuit protection and low voltage and overcharge protection to ensure high durability and optimum performance. The device also features an automatic cutoff function for emergency purposes. It comes with an LED battery life indicator to help you detect the battery life with ease.

It has an aluminum alloy construction with a top fill design consisting of a bypass output facility. It allows you to engage in both classic automatic and manual styles. So whatever your technique might be, the Aspire Breeze All-in-One is a clear winner.


  • Optimum protective features
  • Convenient top-fill design
  • Side airflow hole for seamless air production
  • Compact design
  • Auto-draw vaping system


  • Battery strength is a bit lower

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13. Vaporesso XROS 16W Vape Pod Starter Kit

Vaporesso XROS 16W Vape Pod Starter KitIf you are looking for the best vapes mod to quit smoking, this is it. They bound the astonishing design and proactive features to make you give a kick to your old-school cigarettes. The Vaporesso XROS Vape Pod Starter Kit is one of the highly demanding devices for smokers. It contains an AXON chipset and has a dimension of 112mm * 23mm * 13mm.

It bears an integrated 800mAh rechargeable battery that ensures high performance and long life. It has a zinc-alloy chassis construction that makes it highly attractive and durable. The device has got an auto-draw or button firing design that makes vaping as seamless as possible.

It features a three-color LED battery indicator that helps in monitoring the battery life. There is an adjustable airflow control switch that prevents the overflow of air and handles the vaping process with ease. It has a 2ml pod capacity with a top fill system that is hidden by a mouthpiece to ensure optimum convenience of the user.

The best part is, this device comes with a transparent juice viewing window that helps you keep a watch on what is going on inside. It consists two XROS mesh pods of 0.8 ohm and 1.2 ohm respectively. It bears a magnetic pod connection and is also equipped with additional safety features like overtime protection, over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection, low voltage, and no-load protection.


  • Versatile design and complete satisfaction
  • Adjustable airflow control facility
  • Top-fill system along with mouthpiece
  • Transparent juice viewing window
  • Optimum safety features
  • High-performance rechargeable battery


  • Pod capacity is a little low

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14. Vaporesso X Zophie Vapes Luxe ZV 200W Starter Kit

Vaporesso X Zophie Vapes Luxe ZV 200W Starter KitIt is another great vaping product from the very own Vaporesso. You can also consider it to be one of the best vapes for quitting smoking if you are planning to do so. It is a completely innovative vaping product high on features and ensures seamless and hassle-free usage for long periods.

It has the capacity of holding dual batteries of 18650 high amp. Besides, it also features a maximum wattage output of 220W. With vaporesso’s OMNI Board 4.0 Chipset, the device features 6 different output modes, a bypass mode, TCR adjustments mode, Super Player mode, and an instant firing speed of 0.001s. It also bears a large side firing button, vibration-enabled adjustments buttons, and a 2.0-inch TFT full-color display.

It has got a micro-USB post having a maximum charge rate of 2.5A that offers fast and rapid charging. The device comprises a Vaporesso LUXE ZV Box Mod and the Vaporesso SKRR Sub-Ohm tank. The sub-ohm tank is a mind-blowing setup with an awe-inspiring stainless steel construction, pyrex glass reinforcement, and an 8 ml e-liquid capacity because of its bubble glass. It has a diameter of 30mm.

It offers an easy top fill design to prevent unnecessary mess while pouring. The device also contains an 810 Delrin wide bore drip tip and a trapezoid-shaped airflow control system. It utilizes the vaporesso QF Coil system with flax and cotton wicks.

It also consists of protective features such as short circuit, burn, no load, low power, low resistance, ESD circuit, and overcharge protection. It features a pass-through protection. It has a bottom-loaded magnetized battery cover for easy battery housing. The TCR adjustments comprise two memory modes.


  • Premium quality and striking design
  • Dual battery capacity
  • Fast charging capability
  • High on safety/protective features
  • Bottom-loaded magnetized battery cover
  • Stainless steel construction and a convenient top-fill design


  • E-liquids can stain the mod

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15. Smok Alike Pod Mod Starter Kit

Smok Alike Pod Mod Starter KitThere’s nothing like the Smok Alike Pod Mod Starter Kit, where you can enjoy a 2-in-1 experience and soak into the joy of vaping every time. This is another innovative product from Smok. This starter kit is ideally an amalgam of the pod and the mod.

It is highly portable and offers unmatched quality and performance. The blend of pod and mod gives an edge to the device and ensures better and enhanced user satisfaction. It features a 1600 mAh rechargeable battery cell ensuring a long stay and a superior operation. Besides, it also features a maximum output of up to 40 watts.

The device has an e-juice capacity of 5.5ml with a side fill option. The input and output voltage ranges between 3.3V-4.2V and 0.5V-4.0V respectively. It offers a USB port and requires a charging voltage of 5V. this vaping device features a 0.96-inch full color screen.

It comprises a 510 drip tip that ensures precise performance every time. It bears a 04 ohm mesh coil and a 0.8 ohm MTL coil for optimal operation. It comes in gorgeous colors and is highly attractive to use. Besides, it is also super safe as it contains protective functions. It is easy to carry and ensures superior performance anywhere and anytime.


  • Ideal combination of Pod and Mod
  • High performance RPM coils
  • High battery capacity
  • 510 drip tip for optimal levels of precision
  • High portability and easy to use and carry from one place to another
  • Good e-juice capacity with side-fill facility
  • 2-in-1 experience with pod and mod together


  • Safety features are lower than other products

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Things To Remember When Buying Best Vape For Heavy Smoker

Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. The level of nicotine consumed is comparatively less. A particular vaporizer may not be the best available in the market. It depends on the preferences of person to person. You should always question your need before buying the vape. One easily gets to choose from a wide range of options in flavors like chocolate, clove, Turkish Tobacco, etc. Below is a list of factors that is to be kept in mind while buying the best vape.

1. Types Of Vapes

With the development in the vaping industry, there are several vapes available in the market. Few are enlisted here.

  • E-Cigarette: This is the most common kind, which is also called cig-a-likes. It has a easy, rechargeable option, with sleek look, and cost-effective in a long run. However, the wide options of flavors are not available and are not much satisfying.
  • Vape Pen: It is becoming popular day by day. It looks like a pen. The vape pens give out the right quantity of CBD and flavor clouds. It is easy to use, portable and inexpensive. However, the in-built battery life is not strong and does not work well with the third party tanks.
  • Box Mods: This is the most advanced device of all. It is also called Advanced Mods. It is more powerful and bigger than the others. It is preferred by consumers for better performance and battery life. Though it is expensive and complicated.
  • Pod Vapes: It looks like e-cigarettes but available in two pieces. Regular smokers planning to adopt the vaping habit should directly switch to Pod Vapes, as gives a full feeling like smoking a cigarette. It is satisfying and easy to use. Though, it is expensive and operated manually.
    One can buy any vape available from the market that suits their choice, lifestyle and requirements.

2. Material

The materials used to make the body of the vaporizer are important. It sometimes affects quality. Materials used are glass, titanium, steel, plastic. Check thoroughly the material used in the making. Select the material which will be durable. Sometimes, if low-quality material is used, it reduces its durability.

3. Size

Vapes of unique style and size are available in the market. The size of the vape is the buyer’s personal choice. If they prefer discretion then small-sized vapes are the best option. Small-sized vapes are portable and easy to use. They are generally light-weighted. Big vapes have larger and better battery life. Large-sized vapes can be complicated to use.

4. Source Of Power

Different vaporizers have different modes of charging. Few have to be charged daily via USB or their particular chargers, and few have internal batteries. The battery life is a crucial factor to consider while buying. A fully charged battery should serve 200 puffs. Batteries are to be changed once a year. If one prefers large cloud production, they need a vape with large batteries.

5. Easy To Use

Generally, all e-cigarettes and tank system vapes are easy to use. It is the best option available for beginners. One needs to replace the cartomizer in cig-alikes and refill the tanks with e-liquid before using them. One might find mods complicated to use as it contains multiple buttons. The vape should be effortless and simple to operate. The mode of cleaning should also be easy.

6. Mouth To Lung (MTL)

One might prefer Vapes with MTL inhalation option over Direct-to-Lungs (DTL). Using vape with this option is the best way to quit smoking do heavy smokers. This gives a feel like a smoking cigarette. It does not form big clouds.

7. Stealth Vapes

One might like to vape in private. For them, a small, portable and palm-friendly vape is recommended. Those vapes should easily fit in the pockets. For people, who do not want unwanted attention on them can go for a vape which does not produce big clouds. Vaporizers are available in form of everyday items like pens which can be easily concealed.

8. Smoothness

It is considered as an important aspect while buying. Even some daily smokers can not handle harsh throat hits for longer. The vaporizer should have a stable balance between the throat hits and smoothness. Vape should have a cooling option of the hot vapour to prevent one from coughing and enhances the smoothness.

9. Temperature Control

Few Vapes have temperature previously set and others allow one to set the temperature, according to their choice. For beginners, vape with one pre-set temperature is ideal. For advanced vapers, they might want full control of the temperature and heating elements.

10. Biggest Cloud

Few users have a fetish for large clouds. Nowadays, blowing out enormous clouds has turned into a sport. Larger the cloud, larger is the satisfaction. Usually, vape with bigger cloud producing capability does not have smoothness. To form big clouds, one must buy a vape that has high power. Vape Mods are the best available option for blowing large clouds.

11. Price

The budget plays an important role as it is the main determiner for buying a vaporizer. With the rise in budget, more features will add to the device. Vape pens and other few small portable devices are inexpensive. An electronic cigarette is cheaper than packs of cigarettes in a long run. Beginners should not directly invest in a vape that is costly. It is a common notion, that an expensive vape is a better one. However, this is a completely wrong idea. An alternate better quality, portable and durable vape can be available at a lesser price.

12. Warranty

Ensure the vape device comes with a warranty period. The cig-alikes kit has a different warranty period for each element, which starts from the day of purchase. The period varies from 60 days to 6 months. The warranty period of the charger is more than the battery. All consumable elements of the vaporizer like coils, atomizer, liquids and tanks are not covered by the warranty card.

FAQs on Vapes for Heavy Smoker

Q1. What Is Meant By Vape Mods?

Vape mods are larger than e-cigarettes and produce a significantly high amount of vapor. They are similar to vape pens but are modified to include some advanced features to it. Hence the name, ‘mod’.

Q2. What Are Vape Pods?

Pods are also electronic cigarettes that differ slightly from the conventional ones in the rate of delivery of nicotine. Pods can deliver higher nicotine with a smaller amount of power and also contain disposable cartridges and removable coils.

Q3. What Should You Look For In A Vaping Device?

There are quite a few things to look for while you are about to get a vaping device for yourself. First, it is important to consider the battery capacity, for it is the prime thing to ensure longevity. Next, you need to check the holding capacity and the number of coils and their compatibility. The other things worth considering are the material of the device, filling options, safety features, battery indicators, voltage and power consumption, etc. Another thing to note is the design. Always make sure that the device is compact and easy to carry.

Q4. What Is The Expected Battery Capacity Of Good Vaping Devices?

A battery of 800mAh or more can be considered suitable for standard vaping devices.

Q5. Should We Opt For Top Fill Or Side Fill Devices?

Although the filling option completely depends on your personal choice, we can regard the top filling facility as the ideal one in terms of convenience. You can consider the device offering both the options so you can use either of them as and when required.

Q6. What Is The Ideal Material For A Vaping Device?

These days’ vaping devices come in various materials like metal alloys, stainless steel, etc. However, the best choice could be the stainless steel device as it is free from corrosion and guarantees long-lasting performance.

Q7. While Buying A Vaping Kit Or Device, Should I Look For The Price Or The Material Or Both?

Price and material are something that cannot be used as alternatives. While you buy a vaping device, look at both of them, as both are equally essential for determining the worth of your product.

Q8. Are Protective Features Essential In A Vaping Device?

Of course. Protective or safety features come in one of the top priorities while opting for a vaping device. Never forget to make sure that it protects your device against overcharge, no-load, burn, short circuit, low resistance, low power, etc.

Q9. What Is The Ideal Capacity Of A Standard Vaping Device?

A capacity of more around 4 to 5 ml is standard for vaping devices. However, for most normal portable devices, 2ml capacity works well.

Q10. Should I Go For A Kit Or A Single Device?

Of course, the choice depends on your need and desire. But the best way to decide is by looking at the price.

Q11. Which Brand Should I Consider While Buying A Vaping Device?

Brand is very important for zeroing in to the best vaping device, even for those who aren’t typically brand-conscious for making purchases. The brands mentioned above such as Vaporesso, Smok, Aspire Breeze, etc. are worth considering. They have been providing continued service and 100% customer satisfaction over the years.

Q12. Can I Recharge The Batteries Of A Vaping Device?

Yes, the batteries of a vaping device are rechargeable.

Q13. Is An LED Battery Indicator Essential In A Vaping Device?

Yes, it is essential as it is the LED indicator that helps you to monitor the battery life or when it needs to be recharged.

Q14. Are Vaping Accessories Available With The Device Or Need To Be Purchased Separately?

In most cases, the accessories are provided with the device itself.

Q15. What Is The Use Of The Mouthpiece In Vaping Devices?

They usually provide a mouthpiece to ensure the greater convenience of the user. They design it according to the shape of the mouth so that one does not injure his/her lips or mouth while smoking.

Q16. Are Vaping Mods Ideal For Chain Smokers?

Yes, they are ideal for all types of smokers.

Q17. Do These Devices Allow For Mouth To Lung (MTL) Vaping Style?

Yes, these devices are compatible with such techniques.

Q18. Do They Offer Directly To Lung Technique (DTL)?

Yes, they also allow for a direct to lung method.

Q19. Can I Switch Between The Mouth To Lung And Direct To Lung Methods Using These Vaping Devices?

Yes, with these devices at your disposal, switching between the vaping modes is a breeze.

Q20. Do These Devices Offer A Warranty?

Yes, they do provide a warranty.

Best Vapes For Heavy Smoker – Conclusion

While buying a best vape pen to quit smoking or best vape for heavy smoker, one should also consider the appearance of the electronic cigarette. For a heavy smoker, the vape should contain a satisfying level of nicotine. Heavy smokers planning to quit smoking can buy the best vape for themselves after checking this list of factors.

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