Best Convection Vaporizers 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Storz & Bickel Mighty 2. Storz & Bickel Volcano 3. Firefly 2 Vaporizer
Storz & Bickel Mighty Best Convection Vaporizer Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Firefly 2  Vaporizer
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In recent years, the popularity of convection vapes has grown quite massively and for good reasons. In truth, these devices are much more efficient than the other alternatives. Furthermore, they do not offer any risks regarding burnt scorched herbs.

So if you are planning to buy the best convection vaporizer in the current market, this write-up can be quite beneficial. Here, we have reviewed some of the most premium quality models. In addition, we have also discussed the pros and cons section for a better understanding of our readers.

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There is also a buying guide available in the later section of the article, which contains some crucial purchasing tips. Hence, if you do want to explore more about the best options of convection vaporizers, then make sure to keep reading.

Top 12 Best Convection Vaporizers 2021

1. Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel Mighty Best Convection VaporizerIn essence, this Mighty Vaporizer is a precise and powerful alternative to the ever-so-popular portable vaporizer. It comes with a robust heating system, which improves the vaping experience by quite a mile.

In addition, there is also the coveted precision temperature control function available in the model. With it, you can set the heat of the vaporizer anywhere from 104⁰F to 410⁰F. You can see the details on the OLED screen of the product.

It comes with a cordless design, which, in turn, makes it an ideal on-the-go option. The exterior section of the same has been manufactured with high-grade plastic material. Therefore, it will feel somewhat lightweight and prevent corrosion-based damages efficiently.

The Mighty Vaporizer offers a hybrid amalgamation of conduction and convection heating. Therefore, if you can operate it properly, you will be able to pull out an intense aroma and flavor from the dry herbs.

A dual-lithium battery backs up this vaporizer, thus making it last longer after a complete round of charging. You can also recharge it through a power adapter.

The exterior section of the product features a few small ridges, which vent out the vaporizer’s extreme heat. Thus, you will not feel any discomfort or get burnt while grabbing it. Last yet not least, the model comes with an excellent ergonomic and stealthy design. So, it should be one of the most convenient options for you.


  • Optimal performance much better than most of the desktop vapes
  • Offers excellent vaporization with no risk of combustion
  • Has a durable build and lasts for a prolonged period
  • The Chamber of the model is easy to set up and fill
  • The vibrating indicator offers more convenience and safety


  • A bit more expensive than its competitors
  • The automatic shutoff feature could have been better

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2. Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid VaporizerThe next product on our list is again from Storz & Bickel. This one is a unique product in the sense that it offers Bluetooth connectivity. You can start getting the vapors in no time, and the flavors are aromatic and free from any dilution.

With its Bluetooth feature, you can easily connect it with your phone and get much more authority over your vaping sessions. You can also change the heating profile from it.

According to the user reviews, the Volcano Vaporizer gets heated in only 90 seconds, which is quite admirable.
There is a rotatable whip available in the model that offers excellent flexibility for a group of people. Additionally, you will also get a bright display panel with it that offers all the details about the temperature, battery percentage, and many more.

If you want to use the product manually, then you can also do so through the touch buttons. They are quite responsive and much easier to use as well as maintain. The vaporizer also comes with a removable cord, which makes it easier for the users to use it while on the go.

The model features a powerful 100W heater, which can produce a maximum temperature of 448⁰F. However, if you wish to slow down the whole process, then you can also adjust it by reducing the heat as per your requirements.

Like most of the convection vaporizers, this one, too, predominantly uses the convection heating system. Hence, the risk of combustion issues would be almost zero in this aspect.


  • The hybrid heating element is quite superior
  • The temperature control system is much easier to use
  • Produces excellently-potent vapor within only a few minutes
  • Removable cord increases its overall mobility
  • Has an easy to read display


  • The size of the model is a bit larger
  • The balloon provided in the model is somewhat unnecessary

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3. Firefly 2 Vaporizer

Firefly 2  VaporizerAre you looking for one of the best convection vaporizers in the market that does not cost too much? Well, then, the 2 Vaporizer from Firefly should be ideal for you.

For starters, the model comes with an innovative airflow system. It helps in vaping the dry herb much more prominently. Besides, the system also prompts the model to create a lot more vapor than usual for a better experience.

Secondly, the product comes with a battery of 7.4770 mAh. It might not seem enough at first glance, but it does last for at least three to five bowls. It takes 45 minutes for the vaporizer to charge minutes completely to charge 80%.

The body of the vaporizer has been manufactured with magnesium alloy material. Thus, it does not usually get affected by corrosions and scratches. Conversely, the bowl of the same features a glass build, which heats up pretty quickly and proffers an optimal experience.

The 2 Vaporizer offers instant vaping, as it can be prepared within only three to five seconds. However, it, in some cases, depends on the material as well. This vaporizer is compatible with your smartphone, and so you can control the temperature with it.

Like most other premium products, this one, too, comes with the breath activation feature, which makes it an ideal on-the-go option. Its dual touch sensors make it easier for you to handle it manually.

If you do not really want to use the product manually, you can also download the Firefly app. With it, you can control the vaporizer through your phone. Owing to its ergonomic design and structure, the product is quite easy to clean as well.


  • Users can start using it almost right away
  • Offers economic vaping by preventing the wastage of materials
  • The presence of an integrated app makes it easy to use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The battery charges pretty quickly


  • Might require the implementation of a second battery
  • The price range is pretty higher than usual

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4. HoneyStick Elf Vaporizer

HoneyStick Elf VaporizerIn essence, the Elf Vaporizer from HoneyStick seems somewhat small but powerful enough to provide you a good vaping experience.

One of the noticeable features of this model is aluminium construction, which offers excellent durability. It has a button-less design and, thus, can be an ideal option for beginners. The ceramic tank of the product offers decent performance in accommodating the materials.

The vaporizer from HoneyStick is pretty amazing in terms of compatibility as well. It has an opening of 11mm, which can house almost all the vape carts available in the market. However, using a 510 thread vape should be ideal for you in this aspect.

There is a 350 mAh battery available in the model, which lasts for over five sessions. It has 3.7 volts of output capability and, according to the users, does get recharged pretty quickly. You will get a USB charger with the package to take care of it.

The overall design of the product is quite sublime and ergonomic. Hence, you will not feel any discomfort or end up burning your hands while holding it. The product is also available in seven different colors, which is just another bonus factor about it.

The heat-up duration of the product seems to be pretty quick as well. You can definitely start using it within 10 to 12 seconds. Moreover, the mouthpiece of the product has been made with ceramic material. Thus, it is non-toxic and will not affect your health in any way. Its auto feature makes it easier for the users to insert the cartridges and install them.


  • Comes with an elegant and compact design
  • Button-less construction of the product makes it ideal for the beginners
  • Features seven different yet classy color schemes
  • The battery of the model is of high capacity and gets recharged quickly
  • Much more affordable than its competitors


  • Carts need to have a bottom air-hole
  • Does not have any adjustable settings

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5. Storz & Bickel Crafty Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel Crafty  VaporizerIn truth, the Crafty Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel is one of the best portable devices produced by the German organization. Like the previous models of the same brand, this one, too, comes with a hybrid heating style that makes your vaping experience extraordinary.

You can enjoy a decent flavor and excellent vapors without worrying about combustion issues. The product’s exterior is carved from plastic material, thus making it lightweight and cool when you are gripping it with your hands. Moreover, it also features a small and compact design, which, in turn, makes it stealthier than usual.

Like most similar products, the Crafty Vaporizer, too, comes with a medium resistance range. You will start getting the flavor in 10 to 20 seconds between each draw.

In addition, there are two different temperature adjustment settings available in the vaporizer. With it, you can toggle between 356⁰F to 383⁰F comfortably. The device is compatible with the mobile application of the brand. So, you can control its temperature and see its battery percentage through it as well.

However, unlike some other Storz & Bickel, this one requires around 90 seconds to reach the lower temperature. Conversely, it might take the model around two minutes to reach the highest temperature. So, it will not really be a decent on-the-go option.

According to the customer reviews, the battery of the vaporizer seems to be somewhat decent. Nonetheless, it does take around two hours to get fully invigorated. You can also start vaping through it after the first 20 minutes of charging. There is also a two-year warranty period available with the Crafty Vaporizer.


  • Offers premium vapor quality and aroma
  • Comes with the coveted adjustable heat settings feature
  • The plastic exterior is vented and, thus, does not get heated while vaping
  • Liquid pad available for vaping the concentrates properly
  • The smartphone app enables the users to operate it from the phone


  • A bit more expensive than most portables
  • Overall battery lifespan could have been better

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6. KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer

KandyPens Galaxy VaporizerThis vaporizer is stylish and sleek, it looks amazing, and its performance is outstanding. If you prefer using the waxy concentrates rather than the other alternatives, then the Galaxy Vaporizer should be an ideal option for you. The model comes with a quartz heating chamber as well as a dual quartz rod system. Therefore, it will surely offer a much better flavor and essence than the normal vaporizers.

The ceramic heating element of this vaporizer heats up easily, and so you instantly get a lot of smoke than usual. There are some glass attachments available in the vaporizer as well to make the vapor a bit denser.

The device comes with a huge tank that can accommodate up to 0.3 gm concentrate. If you do fill it up entirely, you will get to enjoy around 50 draws pretty comfortably.

To manufacture the Galaxy Vaporizer, KandyPens has used high-end plastic material. Therefore, it will feel pretty lightweight and compact than usual. The shape of the mouthpiece of the same looks pretty unique, and its overall design looks almost like a pen.

In essence, the vaporizer has only a small amount of resistance, to say the least. In addition, the easy-draw action of it makes it much simpler for the people who have little to no lung capacity. Also, it does support 510 threading.

Another factor that makes it the best convection vaporizer in the market is its temperature regulating feature. With it, you can seamlessly change between 350⁰F, 390⁰F, and 430⁰F temperature settings to make your vaping experience even more sublime.

Lastly, the battery backup of the product seems to be pretty decent as well. With it, you can definitely vape for around five to six sessions. So, if you are looking for a good vaporizer, then this is the product for you.


  • Vapor taste offered by the product seems remarkable
  • Has only a small amount of draw resistance
  • Comes with a decent battery backup with recharging capabilities
  • The heating chamber is a quite large
  • Features three different temperature settings for more flexibility


  • Not the most affordable models available in the market
  • Color coding setting of temperature is counterintuitive

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7. Apollo Vaporizer XS Go Vaporizer

Apollo Vaporizer XS Go VaporizerIf you are thinking about buying an offering of Apollo Vaporizer, then we would suggest you go for this one. It comes with economical pricing (under USD 70) and offers some bang-for-the-buck features that will surely make your day.

So, to begin with, the model comes with a ceramic oven, which usually gets heated pretty quickly. According to the manufacturer, it takes around 20 seconds to reach the highest temperature. Hence, you can use it while you are on the go.

Unlike most other premium models available out there, this one comes with five different calibrated temperature settings. It includes, 355⁰F, 375⁰F, 390⁰F, 405⁰F, and 420⁰F. Thus, you can always alter them and get a different experience every time.

One of the best things about the product is its single-button design. You can use it to change the temperature settings of the vaporizer. Also, it features a massive battery of 1200 mAh. So, it will last for more than ten sessions quite comfortably.

In addition, Apollo Vaporizer also provides a USB charger with the device, which takes around two hours to fully refill the battery. The XS Go Vaporizer comes with a 3-minute automatic shutoff function. Thus, if you do not use it for a specific amount of time, then it will stop working and save its battery.

However, there is a hitch. The exterior material of the model does not really seem to be durable enough. Moreover, it is currently only available in a single color option.


  • The model weighs only 57 grams and is highly portable
  • Has an excellent battery backup and offers a quick reaction time
  • Comes with five temperature settings for more convenience
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Quite flexible regarding vapor output


  • The overall efficiency of the magnetic mouthpiece is not good enough
  • The battery tends to drain too quickly when using at a high temperature

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8. Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

Arizer Extreme Q VaporizerThe product comes with a hybrid heating module, which helps in offering a decent vaping experience altogether.
The ceramic heating element of the model gets heated up fast and ensures superior efficiency. Moreover, it also comes with both a balloon bag and a whip to help you savor the vapor much more inherently.

Unlike most other vaporizers mentioned on the list, this one comes with a remote control system. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to operate it without having to manually do everything. However, there is no app system available in the model.

As a premium model, the Extreme Q Vaporizer, too, comes with a digital display, which looks pretty decent. Besides, it also offers details about various things, such as the current temperature of the product, remaining battery, etc.

One of the unique features of this vaporizer is that it comes with a preset temperature. So, you can choose the desired setting for the dry herbs. Moreover, the thermal resistance of the ceramic oven ensures that the dry herb doesn’t burn.

The model comes with a diameter of only six inches, while its height measures around 7.5 inches. Thus, in that sense, it appears to be quite small and can be carried through without any issues. But, due to its bulky appearance, it does not really look stealthy at all.

The only issue with the product is its overall battery backup. It usually does not last more than five to seven sessions. However, as you will get a USB charger with it, you can continue vaping while recharging the battery.
Last yet not least, it also comes with a massive warranty of around three years over the craftsmanship and some other parts.


  • Has a durable construction and does not make too much sound while vaping
  • A highly versatile model with several temperature settings
  • Comes with a remote control system for more user convenience
  • Can be used with a water pipe, a balloon, or a whip
  • Small, lightweight, and ergonomic design


  • Prolonged vapor balloon filling duration
  • Glass components tend to heat up too quickly

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9. Boundless Tera Vaporizer

Boundless Tera VaporizerLike most other vaporizers in the market, this one from Boundless, too, is quite easy to use and operate. If you are looking for the best option for convection vaporizers, then you can consider buying this product. There is a magnetic lid available in the model, which can be popped off to load up the chamber with vaping material.

As it features only the convection heating module, you can literally heat it up and start vaping almost right away.
The body of the model is an amalgamation of metal and plastic. The loading section of the same features a light rubber coating for a better opening-closing experience. The product also comes with three different buttons, which can help you to control its features properly.

The device usually takes around three seconds to begin the heating procedure and requires around 30-40 seconds to reach the highest temperature mark. Each session (depending on the material) would last for around four to five minutes with it.

The tank chamber of the model is made of stainless steel and, thus, is highly durable. It is quite spacious as well and can incorporate around 0.4 grams of material quite comfortably. So, in a way, it should be enough for almost three to four sessions.

One of the best things about the product is definitely its water pipe adapter. With it, you can refill the vaporizer a lot quicker than usual. It can also accommodate two 18650 batteries, which proffer a remarkable backup while you are vaping. They are removable as well.

This vaporizer comes with a micro USB charger, but charging this vaporizer will take some time.


  • Has a sensible heat up duration
  • Offers decent flavor at higher temperatures
  • Can incorporate with two 18650 replaceable batteries
  • Is able to extract the herbs properly and provide an excellent vaping experience
  • Quite potent and durable


  • Prolonged charging duration
  • Feels a bit bulkier than usual

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10. Storz & Bickel Plenty Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel Plenty VaporizerThe Plenty Vaporizer is, indeed, one of the most prized possessions of Storz & Bickel. It comes within the price range of USD 250 and offers a plethora of convenient features.

This vaporizer is made with high-end plastic material, which is both corrosion- and scratch-resistant. Moreover, it also has a compact design and feels quite lightweight. So, you would be able to carry it anywhere you want to. This vaporizer comes with a double helix heat exchanger, which ensures maximum efficacy of the vaporizer.

Secondly, the model comes with a plug system, which almost works like a desktop vaporizer. Thus, you can expect a similar performance from it as well. It also comes with a handle as well as an attached mouthpiece. Therefore, you can vape while holding it without any inconvenience.

The handle of the model does not really get affected by the temperature due to the availability of ventilation slots. This one comes with a stainless steel cooling coil that guarantees a flavorful vaporizing experience.

There are several temperature options available in the product for a better vaping experience. If you are vaping at a higher temperature, then you can also produce high-quality smoke with it. You can change the heat as per your requirements through the temperature adjustment wheel.

The tank chamber of the product is pretty large and, thus, can accommodate a huge amount of vaping material. It is also quite easy to fill due to the quick-draw mechanism. Hence, it does last for a lot of rounds and can be shared with your friends too.

Some users have also complained that it takes quite a bit of time to get heated up properly. Finally, it might be a bit expensive for those who are looking for a budget-friendly product.


  • Offers a perfect performance like a desktop vaporizer
  • Provides a pleasant vaping experience as a whole
  • Can be held in the hands for a prolonged period
  • Comes with an easy-to-use, extra-large tank chamber
  • Generates excellent-quality vapor


  • A bit expensive
  • Not portable at all

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11. Boundless CFV Bubbler

Boundless CFV BubblerBoundless has made quite a name for themselves in the vaping industry. They offer genuine products at an economical budget. The Boundless CFV Bubbler does not disappoint. It is a perfect example of genius engineering and product design.

The product does not compromise quality for the budget. Though placed at an affordable rate, the CFV bubbler satisfies the user completely. The materials used to develop the vaporizer are of top-quality.

The use of high-grade glass, along with components made of stainless steel, has enhanced its appeal.
Moreover, the micro bubbler has an elite water filtration system. It ensures cleaner vapor for the users. You can easily enjoy the vapor and indulge in the rich flavors.

The smell you are likely to get is that of aromatic terpenes. The inert quality of both the stainless steel and glass ensures that no residual flavor reaches you. It is devoid of the pungent smell of harsh chemicals.

Though the product is quite tall, it is compact in size. This ensures portability as it becomes easy to slip it with you. Now, you can use it when the urge hits. Furthermore, there is a metal grip for ease of convenience.

You simply have to twist the bubbler onto the herb chamber. Also, the product is fitted with rubber connectors. It makes cleaning quite easy. You can easily refill and disassembly whenever needed.


  • Small in size and easy to carry
  • Can be cleaned quite easily
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Impressive water filtration system for clean and smooth vapor


  • Significant draw resistance
  • Taller than usual products, thereby posing difficulty in concealment

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12. Flowermate V5 Pro Mini

Flowermate V5 Pro MiniThe brand excels at making cheap vaporizers but without taking a risk on the functionality and quality. The Flowermate V5 Pro Mini is one of the best affordable herb vaporizers. It comes in two colors – black and blue.
Despite the price, the design of the product is noteworthy. It is made up of aluminum that makes it look classy. Also, the lightweight of the vaporizer is mainly due to the use of aluminum as a building material. The matte finish enhances the appeal even more.

The most notable features of the vaporizer are the glass mouthpiece and the herb chamber. The herb chamber is made up of ceramic and does not affect the flavor in any way. Furthermore, the product offers a wonderful flavor.

The dry herb pod is equipped with small holes. It is to ensure that there is better airflow. However, the concentrate pod doesn’t have such holes to prevent the chemicals from leaking. Coming to another notable feature of this vaporizer, then it takes very little time to charge completely. The vaporizer gets completely charged in 2-3 hours.

Along with the product, you also get various accessories. The vaporizer comes with a concentrate pod as well as a dry herb pod. Moreover, a USB charger, loading tool, five screens, and a cleaning brush is also provided. The mouthpiece attached is engineered in a way that it can easily be detached when needed.

The size of the battery is quite small. It ensures that the size of the vaporizer can remain compact. However, the small battery size is equipped with alternative compensation. The charging speed is quite high.

The building materials for the vaporizer are selected carefully. They do not interfere with the flavor. Also, the borosilicate mouthpiece prevents overheating. However, if you feel that it is becoming too hot, you can buy a silicone mouthpiece. It is sold separately by the brand.

Perhaps, the most appealing aspect is the temperature control factor. You can change the temperature to three distinct settings. The maximum temperature that you can obtain is 415F. Each temperature can easily be identified by the various LED color.


  • Temperature can be controlled accurately
  • Vapor production good with dry herbs
  • Use of medical grade building materials
  • Provision to adjust airflow


  • Poor vapor production with concentrates
  • Pungent smell in the initial uses

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Factors To Look For When Buying Best Convection Vaporizer

When it comes to convection vaporizers, the numerous choices in the market are highly likely to cause confusion. If you want to have a flavorful experience, then it’s important that you must choose the best convection vaporizers. To ensure that you opt for the best, you must be aware of the various factors. Take a look at the factors given below before purchasing the vaporizer of your choice.

1. Check The Type

There are various types of convection vaporizers that you can choose from. The different categories include desktop convection vaporizers, convection vape pens, and portable convection vaporizers. You must check out the pros and cons of all the types before making the final decision. Also, make sure that the type aligns with your lifestyle or habit.

While pen vaporizers are small, just like an e-cig, a portable vaporizer is good for those who like to vape at different locations. The desktop convection vaporizers are stationary and remain plugged into a power outlet. They offer enriched flavor and enhanced vapor production.

2. Take Into Account The Cost

Price is a vital criterion when you are exploring the different convection vaporizer option. You have numerous options that are bound to leave you spoilt for choice. If you have a low budget, you can easily opt for affordable vaporizers.

Keep in mind that the quality you seek may not come with the budget you have. However, if budget is not an issue, you can boldly explore the world of convection vaporizers. You can choose models that have a premium build and offer delightful flavors. But, remember that high costs don’t automatically translate to a life-changing experience.

3. Consider The Quality

The convection vaporizer quality should be the best if you want to have a good vaping experience. The flavor or the price must in no way interfere with the quality. It is vital that the construction build or the materials used to design the vaporizer be top-notch.

If the materials used are low-quality, then you are liable to face several risks. But, the major one is the possibility of overheating. You may also experience poor flavors due to the uneven heating. Look at the reviews to have a better opinion.

4. Compatibility With Vaping Material

You must ensure that the vaporizer you are choosing is compatible with the type of material you want to vape. There are various types of vaping materials. It includes herbs, concentrates, and hybrids.
If you are keen on using herbs, make sure that the model is cleaned regularly.

Dried residues can cause issues later. Concentrates are much convenient than herbs as they come in pre-loaded cartridges.

Moreover, you can look out for convection vaporizers that can work with both herbs and concentrates. With this approach, you can experience the best of both worlds!

5. Look For The Temperature Range

One of the key factors that you should be looking at while choosing the best convection vaporizer is the temperature variance it provides. It lets you enjoy the vapes with different intensity. However, you must know that this variation is available in some pricier models.

The temperature settings will aid you in choosing the temperature that you prefer. Now, you do not have to be stuck with one temperature. With the ability to change temperature, you can take advantage of the aspect and enjoy certain terpenes.

6. Observe The Brand

Despite varied opinions, brand name matters. The brand’s market image is a testament to the services and products they have provided over the years. It is quite normal for first-timers to shift towards well-known brands. Nobody wants their first experience to be tumultuous!

It is vital that you know more about the brand before choosing the product. Check out their reviews and see if they offer genuine vaporizers. Take into account the safety standards.

7. Check For The Convenience

Convenience and ease of use matter a great deal. It is no use buying a convection vaporizer that you cannot use properly. If you prefer your vaporizer with you on the road, then simplicity is vital. You must be able to have a quick inhale when the mood kicks in.

Keep in mind that various vaporizers have different heating times. Some can heat up rather quickly, while others will take some time. Also, the maintenance time must be taken into consideration before buying the vaporizer.

8. Don’t Forget The Size

The size of your convection vaporizer will greatly depend on your lifestyle. If you prefer the vaporizer to be with you when you are outside, then a portable model or one with a small size is preferable. You can also go for the mini vapes. But, keep in mind that the shorter size comes with certain disadvantages as well.

However, if you want the full, enriched flavor, then the desktop convection vaporizer is the best choice. It is fixed and cannot be move. But, it is found in various designs and can easily be disguised.

9. Take A Closer Look At The Style

It might not feel like an essential factor at first, but the convection vaporizer style matters. If you are a first-timer, opt for models that are easy to use. But, if you have the experience, you need not worry about simplicity and instead focus on the design you want.

Check out the various designs and styles available. Choose the one that fits your personality the best. If you are vaping, you better flaunt it perfectly!

Advantages Of Using The Best Convection Vaporizers

Convection vaporizers have enhanced the user experience considerably. It has led to a dramatic increase in the use of these vaporizers. The various benefits associated far outweigh the generally high price. Check out the numerous benefits that you can enjoy while using the best convection vaporizers.

1. Easy To Use

The convection vaporizers are quite easy to use. It doesn’t mean that there is a lack of complicated convection vaporizer models. Generally, the design of the vaporizers ensures that you can use it without encountering many difficulties.

The ease of use is a major benefit when compared to the conduction vaporizers. Unlike the convection ones, the conduction vaporizers need to be experimented with to get the desired satisfaction.

2. Even Heating

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of a convection vaporizer is the ability to spread the heat evenly. This allows overall heating of the herb, thus letting the user have all the flavors. With this technology, the warm air is ensured passage throughout the vaping material. As such, all the components of the vaporizer get the heat at an equal proportion.

Moreover, you do not have to stir or shake it to ensure that even heating occurs. It guarantees the expectancy of receiving an enriched and strong flavor.

3. Lower Risk Of Combustion

Most of the convection comes with the added advantage of low combustion risks. Furthermore, some models even state that there is no risk of combustion at all. It is mainly because the herbs are not directly placed under the heating source. There is no way for the herb to burn and cause combustion.

It is a vital aspect as combustion ultimately leads to the production of ash and smoke. Inhaling these components is unhealthy for the body and may cause severe health issues in the future.

4. No Wastage

Lack of waste material is directly related to the aspect of even heating. As the warm area heats up all the levels equally, no oil or herb remains unused. It ultimately leads to the full usage of the materials.

5. Healthier And Safer

The heating technology in the convection vaporizers makes it safer than others. The absence of direct heat protects your buds from getting burnt accidentally. Moreover, you do not have to fear getting injured due to overheating.

Also, if you do not inhale the vapor, you can eliminate any potential health risks. A majority of the health concerns are related to smoke inhalation. Avoid that, and you can still enjoy the experience.

6. More Vaporization

With a convection vaporizer, you get the chance to experience the maximum potential of vaporization. The models are designed in such a way that they offer the best experience possible. When combined along with the even heating factor, the flavors become even more desirable.

7. Availability Of Temperature Settings

There are several models of vaporizers which give you the ability to control the temperature. You can change the settings according to your preference. It is a highly desirable attribute as a certain temperature can trigger maximum satisfaction for certain herbs or concentrates. Also, increasing the heat makes sure that you can have the experience of full vaporization.

Often, the temperature settings come along with indicators. The different color lights indicate a particular temperature ensuring more convenience for the user.

8. A Palate Of Various Flavors

With the use of convection vaporizers, you can gain access to a variety of flavors. You can easily choose the one that suits your taste buds the best. Moreover, the staggering amount is an indication that you can experiment and then come to a final decision. Also, the lack of putrid smell is a major benefit.

Unlike smoking, vaping does not produce the pungent smell of dead tobacco leaves. The aroma of the convection vaporizers is barely noticeable. In some cases, the aromatic smell is rather pleasant.

FAQs on Convection Vaporizers

Q1. Are Convection Vaporizers Safe?

Yes, convection vaporizers are safe. As there is no direct contact with the heat, you are less likely to hurt yourself due to overheating.

Q2. Can Vinegar Be Used To Clean Vaporizers?

Yes, vinegar can be used to clean vaporizers. Vinegar is a non-toxic disinfectant and can be used to purify the inner parts of a vaporizer.

Q3. How To Know If Vaping Is Having A Detrimental Effect On Your Lungs?

You must keep a lookout for the short-term symptoms in case you feel that vaping is having a detrimental effect on your lungs. The symptoms include difficulty in breathing, cough, vomiting, chest pain, diarrhea, nausea, etc. It is recommended to get medical help immediately.

Q4. Are Convection Vaporizers Easy To Use?

Yes, convection vaporizers are relatively easy to use. But, it generally depends on the model you are using.

Q5. Does The Convection Vaporizer Give Off A Pungent Smell?

No, the convection vaporizer does not give off a pungent smell. Instead, the smell you get is from the aromatic flavors. Moreover, in most cases, it is highly unnoticeable.

Move On From Smoking With The Best Convection Vaporizers

The past decade has witnessed the startling rise of vaping and its accessories. While the young generation mostly observes it as a style trend, it is actually a healthier alternative to smoking. If you are determined to eradicate the smoking addiction, keep in mind that it cannot be achieved immediately. The best way to approach the situation is to opt for vaporizers.

However, numerous options of vaporizers flooded the market. Choosing the right convection vaporizer is paramount. To ensure that you have the best experience, we have compiled a list that details the best vaporizers. You can opt for these vaporizers, or you can also choose a different one, but make sure that quality reigns supreme.

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