Best CBD Oils For Weight Loss 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. CBDfx Hemp MCT Oil 2. Lazarus Chocolate Mint 3. NuLeaf Full Spectrum
CBDfx Hemp MCT Oil Best CBD Oil For Weight Loss Lazarus Naturals Chocolate Mint NuLeaf Full Spectrum CBD Oil
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Sometimes it seems impossible for people to lose weight although they always eat right and take care of their body by working out. For such people, CBD oil can be a go-to option for such people.

Best CBD oil for weight loss is one of the best ways you can opt for as it will help in shedding out that extra weight without worrying about side effects. Stress eating, snacking, overeating are some of the main traits for people who are overweight, and CBD oil can aid them in reducing the weight.

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In this article, you are going to see the top 10 CBD oils that you can go for if you are striving for weight loss. Along with that, we will provide you with the guide to shop for the right CBD oil and also answer some of the most asked questions in the end.

Top 10 Best CBD Oils For Weight Loss 2021

1. CBDfx Hemp MCT Oil

CBDfx Hemp MCT Oil Best CBD Oil For Weight LossIt is always important to get your hands on the CBD oil that is purest in form and provides you with the best results. This CBDfx Hemp MCT oil is one such product that you will find in the market.

It is completely pure and has only two ingredients present in it. It’s of high dose because of not having any kind of diluting products in it. The company uses the CO2 extraction process to get CBD oil, and this ensures that you get pure oil without using any kind of harmful chemicals.

This product has all the healing capabilities that one looks for in CBD oil, and it ensures that you get complete benefits the oil offers you. Just take a drop or two daily, and you will see the effective results of this product by yourself.


  • This product is the purest form of CBD oil
  • Does you all the benefits of Cannabis
  • The product is completely organic, and there are no chemicals present in it
  • It availed certification from cGMP and is entirely made in the US only
  • It is natural, and 100% vegan


  • The dosage of this product can be heavy on novice users
  • Side effects like dry mouth and drowsiness may persist

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2. Lazarus Naturals Chocolate Mint

Lazarus Naturals Chocolate MintThere are some people who might get bored with the regular flavor of the CBD Tincture oil, and for such people, this Chocolate Mint CBD tincture oil from Lazarus Naturals is nothing less than a boon.

CBD oil for weight loss had a considerable impact on a lot of people and combining it with most favorite flavor among so many people chocolate, and a refreshing flavor of mint has made this tincture one of the best.

The chocolate mint flavors in this product are naturally derived, and it provides the complete benefits that you will usually get from the full-spectrum CBD oil. The tincture is sourced from the domestic farms, and it is then derived from a carefully provided environment so that the tincture stays pure and reasonably priced.

Then these products are tested by third-party laboratories to know that the products are safe from any kind of pesticides. The CBD tinctures from Lazarus Nature are extracted directly from the whole plants, and they have a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes available in them. These products contain just 3-4 flavors to ensure the purity of CBD oil.


  • The product is completely vegan and gluten-free
  • Extraction is done using kosher ethanol
  • All the added flavors are natural, and there is no presence of synthetic flavors at all.
  • The product has a dropper which will ensure that only the right amount of product is used
  • There are no preservatives and sweeteners in it


  • This product has high potency, and this can lead to some side effects for first-time users
  • Does contain THC as it is full spectrum

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3. NuLeaf Full Spectrum CBD Oil

NuLeaf Full Spectrum CBD OilNuLeaf full-spectrum CBD oil is known for its purity and quality as well. This product has about 48 mg cannabinoids for one milliliter of oil. This CBD oil is a whole plant extract, and it contains a full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids in it.

The company always works in order to provide the purest and perfect product for its customers so that they can make the most out of it.

This CBD oil consists of organic hemp oil and full spectrum Hemp extract in it. The best thing about NuLeaf Natural CBD oil is that it is extracted from specially bred therapeutic plants that are grown in the licensed farms in Colorado, USA.

They do not have any artificial flavoring or synthetic chemicals present in them, and this is something that everyone should look for when they are planning to buy CBD oil for weight loss. NuLeaf uses CO2 extraction process.


  • Hygienic procedure followed to keep extracts pure
  • Does not contain any kind of additives or preservatives
  • The product has a dropper to regulate the intake amount
  • Contains organic ingredients
  • Free from pesticides


  • The product is a bit pricey

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4. Lazarus Naturals Wintermint

Lazarus Naturals WintermintLazarus Naturals is a brand that is known for its naturally added flavors, and this new Wintermint High potency CBD tincture is one that is flavored with a new kind of natural addition while increasing its core component potency.

If you are someone who is bored with the regular taste of CBD oil, then this one is for you only. It has all the amazing features that you expect from the CBD oil, and the added wintermint flavor will surely make your experience even more amazing. Every ml of this CBD oil contains 50mg of CBD. The oil is made with the help of CBD isolate and fractionated coconut oil alone.

There are only three ingredients that you will find in this CBD oil and nothing else. However, there are different flavors like this wintermint one that you can go with.

This wintermint high potency CBD oil is the higher concentrated CBD oil with a hint of mint flavor, which makes it completely different from the usual CBD tincture oils that you find in the market. It comes with a dropper making it easy for you to know the amount of intake.


  • CBD oil is derived in a completely organic manner
  • It is vegan and gluten-free
  • There are no added preservatives
  • Is free from THC as CBD isolate is used
  • Contains only three natural ingredients in it- CBD, organic peppermint derivatives, and coconut oil
  • Comes in higher potency for people who prefer high dosages


  • The CBD oil with mint flavor can be a little overboard for some people
  • It has a high concentration and is not suitable for first time CBD users

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5. Medterra CBD Tincture Oil

Medterra CBD Tincture OilThis Medterra CBD Tincture oil comes with 99% of CBD and 1% of MCT coconut oil in it. The product contains no other ingredient other than these. The addition of MCT oil enhances the performance of the CBD oil.

The plants are grown in the US only, and the entire formulation is done according to the standards set by the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Pilot Hemp Program. The company also obtained certification from US Hemp authorities.

Apart from being completely organic and preservative-free, the best thing about this tincture oil is the marked dropper it comes with. This dropper has 0.25ml, 0.50ml, 0.75ml and 1 ml marked on it.

This ensures that the user is ingesting the right amount of tincture oil and nothing more. Medterra uses the CO2 method for the extraction process and filters out any kind of unnatural substances present in it.

All these products go under rigorous testing from third parties to ensure that they do not have any kind of preservatives or artificial ingredients present in them. Hence you can be sure that you are getting the right, organic and pure CBD oil for weight loss.


  • The CBD oil from Medterra brand is pure and the most organic CBD oil present in the market
  • Legal in all 50 states of the country
  • free from THC due to the usage of CBD isolate
  • Comes with three sizes which has different servings of CBD to cater to more people
  • The CBD concentration is higher in this oil


  • Potency is not ideal for beginners

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6. Reliva CBD Tincture 500mg

Reliva CBD Tincture 250mgReliva is a brand known for their wellness and healthcare products in the industry. This amazing Reliva CBD tincture can be considered as another great addition in their list.

The CBD oil is completely natural with no extra added preservatives whatsoever. The brand has some of the best CBD experts who are working with them in the process of carefully sourcing the right kind of organic CBD materials and formulating them.

This CBD oil is combined with the coconut oil to give you maximum CBD potency without any hassle and to also hasten up the absorption process. The hemp extract used in CBD oil is completely natural CBD isolate and you won’t get any kind of psychoactive effects from taking the tincture.

This CBD oil from a well-known company like Reliva can indeed be your go-to option if you are taking CBD oil for weight loss. It won’t cause any harm to you because of no added preservatives in it and can be a great option for even the beginners.


  • Affordable and readily available product
  • Can be taken directly or added to food and drinks
  • It comes with a dropper to ensure that you take only the required amount of CBD and nothing more
  • No THC present to induce psychoactive effect
  • Even suitable for the people who are taking it for the first time


  • Shelf life is too less
  • Some may not like the unflavored taste of the oil

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7. CBDMD Berry Flavored CBD Oil

CBDMD Berry Flavored CBD OilBerry flavor can be an all-time favorite flavor for so many people out there and with the taste it offers, can we actually say no to it! Now, this new CBD oil from a very popular brand like cbdMD is coming with a berry flavor.

Yes, now you can start your weight loss journey by taking something that has berry flavor. This is broad-spectrum oil with CBD, CBDV present in it.

The product has the purest CBD oil in it along with valuable cannabinoids, amino acids, terpenes, and other essential oils that will ensure that you are ingesting purest CBD oil and nothing else. The terpenes that are retained in the oil also helps reduce muscle spasms enabling you to work out better.

The berry flavor is extracted by using different kinds of natural wild berries present out there. No matter which berry you like, this one has all the flavors present in it so that you can enjoy amazing berry experience along with your CBD oil.

The entire farm, ingredients and formulation is done in the US only abiding to all the rules and regulations. This will ensure that the product is perfect without any compromising in it.


  • Completely organic oil made from natural hemp extracts
  • Wild berry flavor that is enhanced with the natural plant terpene derivative
  • It is broad-spectrum oil and provides amazing results
  • Contains terpenes and amino acids


  • The berry flavor can be a put off for some people

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8. Charlotte Lemon Twist CBD Oil

Charlotte Lemon Twist CBD OilCharlotte Lemon Twist CBD oil is completely natural and organic hemp oil that has been derived from sustainable process only. This naturally occurring CBD will give you more than 80 phytocannabinoids and various other plant compounds that will support your good health.

Charlotte brand has its own plants bred with best care and the broad spectrum CBD is derived from these plants. This will ensure that you get only the right kind of CBD oil without anyharmful pesticides or any other chemicals.

The entire growing of plants is done organically only. Another important thing that you have to remember about this oil is that it has naturally added lemon flavor which will make it even more interesting.

If you are someone who doesn’t like the smell or taste of original CBD oil, then this one is for you. The entire bottle smells like lemon and is indeed a great addition for your regular use.


  • Product is quite affordable
  • Gluten free, vegan and kosher compliant
  • It is completely natural and has only three ingredients- hemp extracts, coconut oil and natural lemon extracts for extra flavor
  • There are no preservatives or any chemicals present in it
  • The different flavor options make your purchase more exciting


  • Third party lab tests are not made public, need to buy the product to see it
  • Some may find the potency to be too weak

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9. Reliva CBD Tincture 250mg

Reliva CBD Tincture 500mgThis CBD Tincture is one of the purest CBD oils that you can find to support your weight loss journey in the market. This Reliva gives you the perfect hemp extract that is of high quality. There is no presence of THC and you won’t experience any kind of psychoactive effects because of this.

The CBD tincture is extracted with the help of CO2 process thus eliminating any kind of chemicals impurities present in it. If you are looking for a pure CBD tincture with low potency, then you can go for Reliva without any hesitation.

This product contains only CBD and coconut oil. There are no added preservatives or any kind of other chemicals present in it which makes it an ideal option for everyone out there.


  • The product contains American Hemp
  • It provides baTHC-specific results
  • Brand reputation is another addition for the product
  • Product is available at affordable price


  • The tincture has a minty flavor which is not everyone’s cup of tea

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10. PureKana Tincture CBD Oil

PureKana Tincture CBD OilThis vanilla flavored tincture oil comes without any preservatives. The tincture is light in taste and is a well-made product that has maximum benefits.

The CBD oil has phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that not only enhances the taste and aroma of the oil but helps enhance the functioning of the CBD oil. It is a full spectrum CBD tincture that will give you the best benefits and make your weight loss journey simple especially if you are in a rigorous workout routine that causes muscle spasms.

The hemp based phytochemicals are good for maintaining peace of both body and mind. They are one of the most important ingredients that you one can consume.


  • The product is free from any kind of pesticides, solvents, herbicides, etc.
  • It is made with USA hemp
  • The THC content is less than 0.3%
  • This is a full spectrum blend with active cannabinoids
  • The product is completely organic


  • Price of the product is high
  • Contains RHC traces as it is full spectrum product

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Factors To Look For When Buying Best CBD Oils For Weight Loss

Purchasing CBD products is a big thing and as they have the capability of affecting your overall well-being you have to make an effective choice that will help you in the long run. CBD for weight loss is a big thing right now and so many people are investing and showing interest in it.

These have gained attention of so many brands and you will find a lot of fake brands in the market that are selling less quality products. These products can affect your body and can create some serious issues.

That is the reason why we have curated this carefully picked factors list which will help you in making an informed decision of what to see when you are looking at a brand that is dealing with CBD oil.

These pointers will surely help you in choosing the right product from a reputable brand that you can rely on:

1. Potency

Now, this is the first thing that you have to know about the product. If you are someone who has just started using CBD, then it is important for you to go with less potent products. There are some brands that deliver different products with different dosages, so choose the one that maTHCes you accordingly.

This concentration is nothing but a trial and error method and you have to be careful with it. One of the best way to ensure that the potency fits well with you is to put a few drops of the oil under your tongue, wait for 30 seconds and then swallow.

You will immediately feel if you want to go along with the dosage of need to alter it. But, to be on the safe side, always go with smaller quantity products to know how they work on you.

2. Source Of Hemp

It is always important for you to be careful and know from where these brands are sourcing their hemp. The source of hemp is going to determine the quality of the product. The concentration of the product that you are about to consume will also be determined with the source of hemp only.

That is the reason why you have to know from where this hemp is sourced and how much can you rely on the product. The hemp from America and some parts of Europe are of high quality and perfect for extracting CBD oil.

The pesticides, herbicides present in the plants can also affect your hemp so make sure to know that the hemp is grown organically without using any of the chemicals in it. But these areas have organic farms that cultivate the hemp without the addition of any harmful chemicals.

3. Type Of Extract

The hemp extracts are of three types- full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolates. Each of these extract are targeted for different issues and you have to know whether they are good at helping you with the weight loss.

Although all of them work great on shedding that extra weight, full spectrum and broad spectrum works wonders on your body and isolates work up to an extent only. Another difference is that isolates does away with all the beneficial terpenes, amini acids,and other phytocannabinoids.

The broad spectrum retains the original extract but removes the THC while the full spectrum keeps the concentrate to its original state. So, knowing the type of extract your CBD oil consists of is crucial in determining whether it is worth it to invest in the product.

The full spectrum is a little bit pricey when compared to the other two types of extracts. This is followed by broad spectrum and then the isolates. So, you can choose the one that maTHCes your budget too as all of them work good for losing the weight.

4. Lab Tests

The brands that are working close with the third party labs and getting all of their products checked with them are a go-to choice for any consumer.

The reason why you have to focus on this is because CBD oil works wonders if only it is taken in its purest forms without any chemicals. But there are some brands that usually mix some chemicals and this can cause some serious complications in your health too.

In order to know whether the CBD oil is completely organic or not, the brands send them to third party labs for authentication and the same certificates are provided on their websites and stores for customer verification.

Always go with such brands only because they are the ones who are reliable and stay away from the ones that are not maintaining any kind of transparency. The certificate of analysis is important and do not just claim anything brand mentions on the labels.

5. Company Experience

Some thousands of companies are out there selling CBD oil for weight loss but not all of them are good to go. Customers have to be very careful when they are choosing a brand for their CBD supplements.

Experts suggest that a company should have at least three years of experience in formulation and manufacturing of CBD oil in order to trust it.

The brands should be certified and the FDA should conduct regular inspections on them for any kind of discrepancies and that is when you can trust a brand and buy products from them.

Company experience also comes with product guarantee, a dedicate sutomer service, and options to return and refund for the product. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is your health and safety so be very careful when you are choosing the right brand for your CBD oil.

6. Extraction Process – Aim For CO2 Extracts

There are different ways to extract the CBD oil but out of them, the best one you can go with is CO2 extraction. This will also be mentioned on the details of the product on websites, labels, etc.

There are other ways to extract products like butane or ethanol based but there are high chances for both of them to end up in your product and this should be avoided under any circumstance. If you are opting for the ethanol process, make sure they are kosher certified to know that you will be getting quality CBD oil.

7. Pricing

There is no way to put it, CBD is costly. You just cannot cut down your costs when you are dealing with CBD. The craze for CBD oil has sky rocketed and this caused a market influx of various brands.

Not all these brands are true, honest, and provide you with pure oil. They may lure you with affordable stuff and can sell you some impure CBD oil which can affect your health in the long run.

Along with it, there is no rule that all the high-priced products are good either. But when a brand is charging huge amount for the product yet got a good reputation in the industry, and then you can just rely on it.

Looks of the product can deceive you so be careful with the pricing. In this list we have provided the best CBD oils at different price points so you can choose the one that works fine for you.

How Does CBD Oil Work For Weight Loss?

Best CBD oil for weight loss can indeed do some wonders in your body and helps in reducing that extra weight. But, how this works? How much CBD oil for weight loss? These are some of the very common questions that people ask and you are going to get all your questions answered in this section:

1. Boosts Metabolism

The preliminary researches conducted on CBD have proven that this product boosts your metabolism and reduces your average food intake thus affecting your weight. Proper metabolism is the first thing that every human being should possess which prevents the accumulation of excess fat from carbohydrates.

However, with the sedentary lifestyle and intake of different kinds of junk food has resulted in slow metabolism rate resulting in fat accumulation. The pure CBD oil will help you in improving this metabolism only. This way your hunger pangs will be reduced too.

2. Turns Your White Fat Cells Brown

Yes, there are two types of fat cells present in human beings- brown and white. The white fat cells are the ones that are responsible for storing your energy and even using it. These cells are responsible for chronic illnesses too. And then there are the brown fat cells which will help in burning the calories.

People who follow a healthy lifestyle will have more brown cells and others will have white fat cells. The CBD oil will help in turning your white fat cells into brown burning the fat present in your body. This has been proven in the preliminary tests.

FAQs on CBD Oils For Weight Loss

1. Will The Oil Increase More Appetite?

No. This CBD oil will help in reducing your appetite but not increase it. Most of the CBD oils either don’t have THC or have very les concentration of it so you do not have to worry about it at all. Your hunger will be suppressed so that you can eat less without losing your energy.

2. How Frequently Should I Take It?

Take one drop a day and that will be enough. You cannot take more amount of it in a day and expect huge changes in your body. The weight loss with CBD is going to be a slow process and just make sure to give it some time. Do not hesitate, be consistent and make sure to follow all the mentioned details. Make sure to have your meals as usual and do not try to cut back on them as it can cause weight gain rather than weight loss. Also keep up with your workout regime.

3. What Happens If I Take CBD With Chemicals In It?

This can cause some huge side effects to you. The CBD that has pesticides, herbicides or even THC in it can work opposite to the weight loss and there is no use of taking such products at all. You have to always go for the pure form of CBD oil and nothing else as it is the only thing that will help you in reducing the weight.

4. Will I Get High Because Of CBD Oil?

No, you won’t get high by taking CBD oil in the isolate or broad spectrum form. The CBD oils do not contain nor has very high percent of THC in them. THC is the main reason why people get high when they take marijuana and here there is very less concentration of it or in some products it is not present at all, so you don’t have to worry about getting high.

5. Do I Have To Make Any Lifestyle Changes For Weight Loss Along With CBD Oil?

Yes, CBD oil alone is not any kind of magic portion. You have to ensure that you are taking healthy food and are working out at the same time. Collectively your life style, food choices and CBD oil will ensure that you are perfect and healthy.

Best CBD Oils For Weight Loss – Verdict

The journey towards achieving the ideal weight is not a magic show. Nothing can replace good old exercise and proper diet. The oil aids you by boosting your metabolism and not letting your muscle pains be an excuse to skip workout.

CBD for weight loss is a booming trend lately because of the amazing benefits these plants provide us. There are different kinds of brands available in the market that their products will help in your weight loss. However, it is important for you to be careful while choosing the right brand.

Consider all the points that have been mentioned above before you make a choice so that you can know that you are investing in the right kind of CBD oil which will work perfectly for you.

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